Action Alerts

Here are some actions that you can take right away for children.  These issues are currently moving at the federal or state levels.



Actions at the Federal Level


The ACE Kids Act

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The ACE Kids Act of 2015  (H.R 546, S.298) would establish stronger networks of care for medically complex children in the Medicaid system.  There are two million children with medical complexity in the Medicaid system and they account for 40 percent of Medicaid costs for children.

The ACE Kids Act would create nationally designated children’s hospital networks, comprised of the full range of home, primary, ambulatory, acute and post-acute care, charged with care coordination for these kids.  These networks will work to ensure that children are able to receive the right services, at the right time, in the right place.  In addition, they will produce savings for the Medicaid system, through increased efficiency – for example, reduced hospitalizations and emergency room visits.

Click Here to ask your U.S. Senator to cosponsor the ACE Kids Act!

Click Here to ask your U.S. Representative to cosponsor the ACE Kids Act!


 Actions at the State Level



Click Here to contact your State Senator and Representative to ask them to support Boston Children's Hospital's 2015-2016 legislative priorities!














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